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YP of Reno County

Spenser White

Membership Chair

Waggoner’s Inc | Sales Representative

Spenser White is a born and raised Hutchsonian. After graduating top of his class (he was homeschooled), he attended a gap year program in Colorado before pursuing his history degree at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. He always knew he wanted to move back to Hutch, and after a year, was offered a position at Eagle Radio. Unexpectedly, he was then offered a position in sales at Waggoner’s Inc. where he currently works to help churches and other gathering places become more comfortable. When he’s not driving his grueling commute to Yoder, dodging tractors, semis, and horse-and-buggies, he can be found taking his daughter, Chloe, outside (her favorite place), showing his disturbingly cinema-illiterate wife, Billie, a classic at the Fox, or searching for his next great read at the library. Spenser joined YP to make good friendships and impact his community for good.