Really, the term "young professional" is useful sometimes, but we're probably defined less by our age and our vocation and more by our shared interests and the stuff we do. WalmartWe go out with friends. We work hard. We're interested in philanthropy. We pay back school loans. We have opinions. We grew up in Reno County. Or we moved here. We're diverse. We care about our community, our voice and about our impact.

The goals are pretty simple. Serve as a resource to get these people connected and involved. Promote the cool things that Reno County already has and come up with some new stuff along the way. And yeah, we can throw a great party, but we want this group to be more than a cocktail hour. It's a movement to celebrate what our community is and to make it the place we want it to be.

Some ask, "Are you a fraternity? Are you a community service organization? Are you a business organization? Are you a civic organization? Are you a public service group? Are you a social club?" The answer is yes. We are whatever our members want our organization to be. We'll keep in touch at and make it a useful resource for YP's already living here and those who are considering a move to this area. 

The interest and response generated by this group has been tremendous. If you're not already plugged in, we hope that you do so soon and bring your own ideas and energy to YP Reno County.
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