Why Join YP Reno County?

No matter if you’ve lived here days or years, you’ve got a place to meet others your age – some of us are probably like you … and some of us very different. YP Reno County is a mix of young people 21 – 40ish who care about the community, desire fun things to do, and want to network with others.

You’ve got to join!

Membership in the organization not only affords you the opportunity to get acquainted with our 250-plus members, but provides other benefits as well. For instance, get your Hutch News subscription for 50% off by showing your YP Reno County receipt. Take part in classes designed specifically for YP members. Attend our monthly mingles at various local businesses and get connected to other business leaders. Enjoy discounts to arts and cultural events throughout the year. Plus we’ve got sports teams, dinner nights, an online community, and family activities. 

We’re always looking for ways to enhance the membership benefits, but one thing remains consistent. If you want to be “in the know,” meet a variety of people, and help Hutchinson continue to blossom as a place for young people, YP Reno County is the organization for you. 

Membership is $50 per year. Many employers have agreed to pay for their employees’ memberships. Make sure you ask your employer!

Join here today … and welcome to YP Reno County